Subject: Strange Cloven Behavior in Poland


A recent British field report documents further strange behavior from the Cloven. A
reconnaissance team in Warsaw was scouting a suspected Cloven camp when they
came under fire from a Goliath. The team claims that a creature, at first mistaken for a
Cloven, emerged from the camp and ran straight into the Goliath's line of fire.
According to the report, the creature was hit more than twenty rounds, collapsed,
then got back up and sprinted underneath the Goliath. In a matter of seconds it had
jumped the length of the Goliath's leg, releasing an energy blast of unknown origin,
and vanishing before the Goliath was blown to pieces. The report describes the
Cloven-like creature as being close to three meter in height, but thin, with gaunt
almost ghoulish features. Locals referred to it as the "Leben Geist." The recon team
did not specify whether the Cloven were aware of the recon team's presence or if the
Cloven were merely defending their camp. Maquis command has ordered forces into
the area in an attempt to capture one of these unknown Cloven types.

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