Subject: Progress Against Chimera Coming At Steep Price


Our Sentinel teams have struck a series of blows to the Chimeran war machine in the
past weeks, but it has taken a toll that we cannot sustain much longer. Three members
of Delta Team were killed yesterday as they led an assault on a Chimeran
communications array in Montana.

We are continuing to make steady progress at eliminating the Chimeran threats onside
our borders. The completion of the Liberty Defense Perimeter has drastically altered
the Chimeran strategy. The last major offensive from the Chimera was on July 23,
1952. There has been no aerial battleship sightings or large scale attacks since that
date. While this has given us the opportunity to achieve key ground victories, we cannot
assume we are safe from further attack. Several analysts now believe that Daedalus is
building a vast fleet of battleships that would be capable of overrunning the country in
one large scale sweep. President McCullen is continuing to evacuate civilians to within
the defense perimeter in anticipation of such an attack.

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