Subject: A Peculiar Discovery Outside Axbridge


At 0900 this morning, recon teams located a destroyed drone construction factory
outside Axbridge. All Chimera inside the facility had been killed and many were
mutilated or partially eaten. Chimeran/Cloven aggression consistent with behaviors
observed by the Maquis in Villepinte, France during Operation Overstrike. The power
cores in the equipment had been stripped throughout the facility. The most peculiar
discovery, however, was that the bodies of four Titan Overseers were found with their
hearts carved out and stacked on the floor. Near the hearts, scrawled in Chimeran
blood, were words written in Russian. They translated to: "the angels sleep". Our
analysts don't perceive this to be an immediate threat to Specter Team or our salvage
teams in the area, but recon will continue to monitor the facility as a precaution.

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