To: President Harvey McCullen

From: Major Richard Blake

Date: March 30, 1952

Dear Mr. President,

I have recently been made aware of a potentially dangerous new threat. We have
several recovered objects of unknown origins, currently dubbed "gray tech." These
objects appear to be far more technologically advanced than anything created by the
Chimera. We believe the Chimera are already aware of the existence of gray tech and
are actively seeking it out. We are continuing to research this technology in order to
better understand its intended function. However, we must take immediate and
aggressive action to prevent the Chimera from securing any more of it.

I seek your approval Mr. President for the creation of a new special forces
detachment known as Specter. This team will be tasked with infiltrating Chimeran held
territories where we believe they are holding gray tech. The team's mission objectives
and the technology they recovered will remain classified and will be known only to
members of SRPA with security clearance level eight and above.

Thank you Mr. President.


Major Richard Blake

Director of SRPA Advanced Tactical Operations

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