SRPA Station 003 (SFCA) was a SRPA base located in San Francisco, California. The base served as a coastal military defense station which protected San Francisco and houses long range anti-aircraft gun batteries. The installations of the batteries were upgraded as a direct response to two Chimeran airships that were sighted off of San Francisco within gun range on August 9th, 1952.[1] SRPA 3 also served a research facility which is usually observed and worked by Dr. Fyodor Malikov, and possessing a moon pool, possibly used for testing water-based experiments such as weapons and vehicles.[2]

SRPA 3 was attacked by the Chimera on May 15th, 1953 during the Chimeran fleet's invasion of America. SRPA personnel immediately evacuated the base due to the fact that a Kraken had appeared inside it and began breaching the facility, causing the lower levels to flood and allowing Furies to enter those levels. Dr. Malikov and Sentinel Team Echo were present in the base and fought through the assault before abandoning it following the siege of San Francisco. Shortly after, the base fell apart.


  • Judging from the appearance of SRPA 3 in Resistance 2, it seems to be implied to be located on and within Yerba Buena Island. Which is located near the Oakland Bay Bridge as does SRPA 3.


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