SRPA SC48772131


Attention: Due to today's suspension
of security officer Jarod Daltings,
his outgoing correspondence has been
confiscated. The following letter
contains material of a possibly
sensitive nature, so it has been
catalogued and entered into


How's, my best girl doing? Sorry it's been a while
since I've written, but Colonel Thompson is really
riding my tail. He's been on my case about
"surveillance protocol" or some junk like that, just
because I did my job. He might even bring me up on
disciplinary charges - can you believe it?

That guy thinks he's such a smarty-pants. Since the
general's a college boy, Col. Thompson is always
trying to impress him with his book learning, but he
can't even remember his own security clearance code.
I had to change it for him again today - I picked
something he definitely can't forget. I tell you, if
it wasn't for me, this place would grind to a halt.

OK, got to go - more meetings with the big cheese so
he can tell me what a screw-up I am. Boy, I can't
wait to get back home to you.

Miss you honey,


Nov. 4th, 1950


Document stamp leads to SPRA file LB73356572.

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