Private Russ Dana was a Sentinel, who was part of the Search and Recovery team led by Lieutenant Nathan Hale and Captain Bo Richards that met Freedom First in Chicago in an attempt to find former Secretary of War Henry Walker. During the mission Dana was equipped with a L11-2 Dragon flamethrower which he used against Leapers during an attack inside a storm drain. Dana also fought against a Chimera raiding party, while defending the subway train station that was the base of operations for the rebels, during the attack, Dana was rendered unconscious by an Angel's mental blast and, unlike others, regained consciousness later after the battle had been won by the few survivors able enough to carry on fighting.

On July 4th, 1953 Dana participated in an Assault on the New York Tower where ultimately he is killed along with many other Sentinels.


  • Russ Dana is the only Sentinel during the Battle of Adams/Wabash Station to become fully incapacitated (i.e. not being able to fight the rest of the battle) and live to tell the tale.

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