275px-Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom svg

Royal Navy Flag

The Royal Navy is the principal naval warfare service branch of the British Armed Forces.


After Europe have fallen to the Chimera in 1950, the Royal Navy was tasked in defending the United Kingdom should the Chimera make an amphibious attack or invasion on the British Isles. However, on March 1950 the Royal Navy was mysteriously attacked while patrolling the English Channel during the night. Distress calls reported huge freak waves overwhelming the fleet, despite it being an otherwise calm sea. By morning, all 96 ships were found washed up on the coast of France. Only seventeen bodies were found, all of which are dead by suicide. Also, the ship's bilges were filled with a unidentified, but classified substance.

It is still unknown whether the Chimera had the ability or technology that manipulated the waves that overwhelmed the fleet, or some other unknown force that took part in the attack.

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