Resistance retribution1

James Grayson trying to sabotage the Chimeran power conduit in Rotterdam Port.

Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in Western Europe. The coastal city was attacked and occupied by the Chimera during the Chimeran invasion of Europe in 1950. The starting location of Operation Overstrike on August 30th, 1951.[1]

Resistance: RetributionEdit

Rotterdam was declared by the Maquis to be safe and less protected by the Chimera for the Maquis and the British forces to enter. Days later, however, the Chimera hastily constructed several gun towers along the Atlantic coastline, tearing up the British/Maquis' First Squadron, led by Maj. Stephen Cartwright. Originally, the Maquis scouts on the European mainland had earlier tried to warn England through their radio but only to be jammed from interference from the gun towers.[2] Fortunately, all three gun towers were managed to be destroyed by James Grayson and the other surviving First Squadron of British and Maquis, allowing human forces, including Second Squadron, led by Col. Rachael Parker to retake Rotterdam.


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