Robert Greenwood was a pilot in the United European Defence who fought against the Chimera in Paris. He was the father of Anne Greenwood.


In December, 1949, Wg Cdr. Robert Greenwood was fighting Chimeran forces in Paris as part of the United European Defence, staying in touch with his daughter Anne Greenwood via regular letters. Though Anne was worried about him, Robert was not afraid to tell Anne about the severity of the situation; this way, Anne knew the truth about the war and the Chimera, rather than the propaganda version of events told in the newspapers. As of the end of the year, despite losing contact with squadrons in Poland and Germany, Robert felt confident that one army could not stand forever against the might of the UED.

However, when the Chimera finally attacked Robert's squadron on January 15, 1951, his outlook became more bleak - having had their electricity cut by the Chimera and being forced to work and fight by candlelight, Robert begun flying two missions a day. Seeing Europe from above filled him with dread, and by January 19, he seemed resigned to his fate; he sent a final letter to Anne reminding her to never forget what it means to be human, along with a signed picture of Robert standing in front of his bomber. The following day, he was declared Missing in Action, and had presumably been killed.

Word of Robert's MIA status reached Anne, and had a profound impact on her life over the next few years. Even though she was picked for evacuation to Avalon One, she chose to stay and join the Local Defence Volunteers, and in June, 1951, after many battles, she would repeat his words about never forgetting what it means to be human.