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Retribution is the sixteenth chapter of Resistance 3.


Joseph Capelli fights through the Pit before escaping to the surface to find a fully fledged Chimeran attack on Graterford Prison. Capelli fights his way back into the prison to help free the prisoners and escape from the Wardens under the distraction of the attack. He reunites with Herbert Sawicki, who informs that Mick Cutler has the last drone with him at his "throne" in one of the cell blocks. Capelli finds and kills Mick, avenging the death of Dr. Malikov, and then disabling the final drone. He and Herbert escape with the prisoners as Graterford Prison falls to the Chimera. Capelli bids Herbert and the prisoners to take of each other before heading off to New York.


The PitEdit

When you land in the small room, look around for the Sledgehammer and the health pack, if you need the latter. Use the Sledgehammer to remove the barricade from the door, before opening it. While moving in the current section, keep your Carbine ready for any Leapers that might get in your way. You should reach a giant room infested with Leaper Pods. Keep your distance, and you should be attacked by the least number of Leapers. Otherwise, go ahead and kill them all for the sake of leveling up your weapons. Once your done with that room, keep going and you should see a ladder. Pull out your Rossmore and climb up to meet the Grims and Leeches ahead. The Grims should be in ready cocoons, while the Leeches would be found wandering around. Check every nook and cranny of this section and kill them all. When your finished, find your way to another ladder, and go up a level. When your up there, you should find the Cryogun and a Text Journal next to some exposed pipes, where Wardens can be heard talking on the other side. When you go a bit ahead, you should see the Pit's central section. Be prepared for an intense fight down there with every one of the Pit's Chimera. Grims and Leeches will pour in first, followed by Leapers in the end. What does come in handy here are is the Mutator for the Grims and Leapers, the Rossmore for the Grims and Leeches, the Marksman turrets and the Cryogun for everything. You should have ammo and health packs there as well. Regardless, it's still a very tough part to beat, especially on higher difficulties.Once your done, go ahead and break the barricade on the door, and go inside the room. You can actually only do this step instead of fighting the Feral Chimera as well. When inside, you should see a Malikov Journal in front of you. To move on, shoot the Blast Root on the other end of the room at a safe distance, before going up the pipe. As you reach the top of the room, go ahead and open the shutters to the Motorpool.


Don't forget to pick up the Wildfire from the lower floor of the building you emerge from. If you want, go around the place to replenish ammo. Kill every Warden that gets in your way. In the upper floor on one of the buildings you can pick a Text Journal. Follow the path that leads to where Wardens and Hybrids are fighting. Be careful not to get hit by the moving jeep that comes your way. Kill the Hybrids up ahead and pick up a Bullseye. You should see a building in front of you, which has a lot of Wardens. Snipe the ones on the rooftops carefully, and then take out the ones standing outside the entrance. When that's done, enter the building and kill the Wardens and Hybrids on either sides of the ground floor, before going past the door ahead. Otherwise, you can just make a sprint for the doorway instead of dealing with the Hybrids and Wardens first. Pick up health packs from here if you want. When your ready, enter the elevator.


Just spam the buttons that are shown.

Journal LocationsEdit

  • Can You Hear Them?: Located near the entrance of the last room of the Pit that you enter.
  • Letter to Mom #7: In the northwest garage with two trucks, up near the walkway.


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