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The Pit is the sixteenth chapter of Resistance 3.


Joseph Capelli fights through the Pit before escaping to the surface to find a fully fledged Chimeran attack on Graterford Prison. Capelli fights his way back into the prison to help free the prisoners and escape from the Wardens under the distraction of the attack. He reunites with Herbert Sawicki, who informs that Mick Cutler has the last drone with him at his "throne" in one of the cell blocks. Capelli finds and kills Mick, avenging the death of Dr. Malikov, and then disabling the final drone. He and Herbert escape with the prisoners as Graterford Prison falls to the Chimera. Capelli bids Herbert and the prisoners to take of each other before heading off to New York.


The PitEdit



Journal LocationsEdit

  • Can You Hear Them?: After smashing the door open with the Sledgehammer, its on the ground.
  • Letter to Mom #7: In the northwest garage with two trucks, up near the walkway.


See Retribution/Transcript

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