Abilities are player modifications in Resistance 3's multiplayer mode. Unlike berserks in its predecessor, Resistance 2, players will have multiple abilities that are available after the player gets a specific amount of kills. Unlike other abilities, they are faction-specific. There are thirty in total different abilities and attributes to mix and match. They are also upgradable and their upgrades can be purchased by using skill points, which are gained by levelling up.There are also regular loadouts and loadouts that can be used after some kill-streaks. Some of the aforementioned abilities are listed below:

Active CapabilitiesEdit

Support AbilitiesEdit




Bubble Shield

Deploys a static energy shield that provides full 360 degree cover to the player and allies. It can be upgraded to increase its strength and size. The Bubble Shield will disapear when the EMP is used against it.

Healing Beacon

Forms a circle of health regeneration where the player and their team will heal faster while they stand in it. It can be upgraded to increase it's range and duration.

Ammo Beacon

Creates an infinite ammo supply point and allows no reloading until they have stepped out of the Beacon's range. It can be upgraded to increase it's range and duration.

Radar Beacon

Deploys a beacon that puts all enemies on radar within a limited local range. It can be upgraded to increase it's range and show the direction enemy players are looking at.


Beacon that comes up on enemy radar as a red dot and produces a hologram – If an enemy is within 5 meter of the decoy – it blows up.


Highlights an enemy with a bright red outline, and places them on radar. It can be upgraded to spot two enemies at once.

Tactical AbilitiesEdit




Lightning Shield

A lightning ring that surrounds the player. Any enemy attempting to melee the shielded player will suffer from a shock that takes away some of their health while the user does not take any. It can be upgraded to create an additional energy field which is capable of damaging two enemies at once.


Creates a holographic replica of the player's skin to fool enemies. When upgraded it increases the damage and extends the duration time.

Thermal Vision

Player can clearly see all enemies within range through walls and other obstacles. Upgraded it allows you to see Turrets also.


Makes the player’s gunfire silent and makes them look like the other team on the radar. Upgraded causes the player to sport the skin of the enemy team.


Lets the player "teleport" forwards approximately 15 metres. Upgraded allows you to Dash more frequently.


A turret is deployed that attacks enemies and objectives for a certain period of time. Upgraded it can fire rockets.

Passive CapabilitiesEdit

Personal AttributeEdit





Increased damage for all explosive weapons/damage generated by the player.

Body Armor

Increases armor but decreases speed. Upgraded, it increases movement agility.

Hazmat Suit

Eliminates all damage-over-time effects and prevents attached projectiles from sticking to the player.


Increases accuracy when hipfiring. Upgraded it increases reload speed.


Increases primary clip size for all weapons. Upgraded, it increases secondary fire clip size.

Vital Signs

Shows enemy's health when aimed at. Upgraded, it also shows their Tactical ability.

Leaper Corpse

Upon death, three Leapers burst from a player's corpse and hunt enemy players. Upgrade, adds an additional Leaper and makes two of them Spitters.


Makes all Tactical abilities cool down slightly faster. Upgraded, it increases all Tactical abilities duration.


Shows enemy footsteps as red. Upgraded, it shows old footsteps as cold blue and newer as hot red.

Combat AttributeEdit




Air-Cooled Barrel

Increases rate of fire while in aim mode. Upgraded, increases movement speed while aiming.


Allows player to spawn with 2 types of grenade, 3 when upgraded..

Scan Jammer

Causes distortion in enemy tracking systems when the player is near. Upgraded, it blocks the Spotter and Thermal Vision abilities.


Fallen enemies give 25% health and ammo to the player when they run over them. Upgraded causes enemies to give secondary fire ammo.


Allows the player's weapon to inflict more damage the longer it hovers on an enemy.


Allows the player to spawn with two weapons instead of one. Upgraded it allows the player to spawn with three weapons.


Reduces the kill requirement for berserks by one kill. Upgraded, berserks last longer.

Team Player

Increases the radius of Support abilities. Upgraded, Support abilities last longer.

Kill-Streak BerserksEdit






9-kill streak

Mutates a Chimeran player into a Ravager wielding the Brute Minigun.


6-kill streak

Grants an upgraded Auger with unlimited ammo to any faction.


3-kill streak

Grants a camouflage to Chimeran players only.

Combat Armor

9-kill streak

Transforms the Human player into a level thirty soldier from Resistance 2 Co-op wielding an upgraded Wraith.

Assault Shield

3-kill streak

Grants a shield to Human players only, which protects from the front.

Bonus abilityEdit

Double-Bird Taunt: Allows players to taunt over dead enemies. It is also a pre-order bonus which comes with Nathan Hale's skin.


  • The "Double Bird Taunt" perk is available as a bonus after a few matches in the Resistance 3 beta.
  • The Leapers used from the "Leaper Corpse" ability can be killed for ten experience points each.

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