The soundtrack for Burning Skies was composed by Jason Graves and Kevin Riepl.

Songs Edit

Resistance- Burning Skies OST (Full) - Complete Soundtrack44:05

Resistance- Burning Skies OST (Full) - Complete Soundtrack

Track Title Duration
Burning Skies 5:10
Panic in the Streets 1:51
Never Give Up and Never Give In 3:13
Before the Dawn 1:07
A Human Source 1:41
I'll Find You 1:37
The Shock that Awaited Us 1:21
The Minutemen 2:28
To the Conversion Tower 1:22
The Swarm 2:16
Demons Upon Us 1:28
The Alpha Lab 3:37
Abomination 4:12
Family 1:35
Conversion Tower Attack 2:08
Out of the Fire 4:14
Ellie 1:41
The Fire of Humanity 2:54

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