Ellis Turner, Charlie Tent and two other members of the Remnants.

The Remnants are a resistance group led by Charlie Tent and are based in St. Louis, Missouri. As their name suggests, they are a group of human survivors, and, unlike other survivors, take more direct attacks on the Chimera.

Joseph Capelli and Doctor Malikov met the Remnants along the way in St. Louis where they witnessed the Remnants having acquire a U/AV-17 Hawk that was disabled by Chimeran forces. The Remnants were eventually aided by Capelli and come to an agreement between them in which the Remnants provide penicillin for Malikov to cure his infection and transport to New York City in exchange for Capelli's help into ambushing a Chimeran Dropship to obtain its power core to power their VTOL. The Remnants succeeded in capturing the power core despite the ambush having gone awry and attracted a large Chimeran contingent force and an unexpected intervention from a feral Widowmaker.

Known RemnantsEdit


  • In early previews for Resistance 3, the Remnants were referred as a "gang of greasers".[1]


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