Reinhardt Quimbie was an American millionaire philanthropist and thrill-seeker who specialize in the field of archaeology.


Quimbie went on a scientific expedition in Canada's Llwewllyn Glacier Caves in British Columbia in 1947 where he discovered, to his amazement, the fossilized remains of prehistoric birds that are perfectly preserved in metallic shells that "looked like the engine of a rocket" (a Chimeran spaceship), and as well the fossilized remains of Chimeran species.[1]

Reinhardt returned to America with some of his findings (but not about the Chimera fossils) in September and reported in front of a newspress audience. However, government agents arrived on the scene and took him away for interrogation right before he could answer further questions from the press.[1] During his interrogations he confessed that he only discovered bird fossils.[2] Thereafter, the government put a gag order on Reinhardt's discoveries. Prevented from telling the public about his findings, Reinhardt wrote a letter to his colleague Professor Hollingsworth about the Chimera fossils, and requesting him to not let anyone know about the note he is writing and continue his research on the fossils in order for the scientific world to know the truth.[3] Since his discoveries of the fossils, Quimbie had been frequently interrogated by the government in which he was forced to deviate his discovery about the Chimera fossils and the spaceship.

On September 28, Reinhardt was killed in Lake Michigan when eyewitnesses discovered his mangled body floating in the water that was quickly identified with his boating license founded on his swimming suit. Investigators concluded that the cause of Reinhardt's death was that he had supposedly took a leisurely swim in a harbor that his yacht is harbored during the night and was overpowered by a passing skiff's motor.[4] Although it is likely hinted that Reinhardt's death was a government cover-up in preventing his investigation on his findings.

Despite Reinhardt's death, his discoveries contributed to the Special Research Projects Administration in determining that the Chimera had been on Earth for more than 10 million years and that the Chimeran spaceship that preserved the remains of its alien occupants possess a metal material that is unlike anything discover on Earth, which have connections to the early discovery of a Chimeran tower in Bryce Canyon, Utah.[5]


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