Regeneration is the third Intel document in Resistance: Fall of Man. It is found in the section level "A Lone Survivor" in York.


March 23rd, 1950

Medical Journal: Dr. Ian Coxen

Further research into Chimeran physiology suggests their rapid regeneration ability may be the result of more than their metabolic rate alone. We have known for some time that sufficient damage will kill a Chimera outright or leave it with lasting wounds that the creature cannot heal. But recent research suggests the Chimera have developed a symbiotic bacteria which complements and amplifies their healing abilities. The bacteria are suspended in a viscous yellowish fluid our researchers have dubbed the Sym-Bac serum. We believe the bacteria is likely destroyed during the healing process, which means that the Chimera would be dependent on further injections of the serum as they sustain more damage.

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