SRPA file RQ5597152 reveals about Reinhardt Quimbie's discoveries and exposing revelations of the Chimera's presence on Earth.


SRPA RQ5597152

Technology Reclamation Order

In light of discoveries made in recent years by the late Reinhardt
Quimbie, SPRA has been able to determine that our extraterrestrial
combatants have been here before. The fossils recovered from the their
spacecraft in Canada indicate that they landed over 10 million years
ago, though the framework of the vehicle shows little to no sign of

What sort of material can survive oxidation, tectonic plate shifting and
general wear and tear for such an extensive period of time? One
thing's for sure: we have never seen such a metal on earth until now -
and yet, an almost identical structure has just been recovered beneath
the Base Station Genesis facility in Bryce Canyon, Utah.

We must immediately conduct research on this alien device to
determine what makes it tick. How does it power up? Can we adapt
this technology for our own uses? How is the Bryce Canyon node
related to the site in British Colombia?

Time is of the essence - let's get to work.

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