SRPA file RQ5597151 features a news article of Reinhardt Quimbie's death.


SRPA RQ5597151

September 28th, 1947

The body of Reinhardt Quimbie was found
washed up on the shore of Lake Michigan last
night, his torso shredded in an apparent boating
accident. The millionaire's yacht was anchored
firmly in a nearby harbor, suggesting that he
went for a leisurely swim at twilight and was
overpowered by a passing skiff's motor.

"I saw a strange figure out by the dock," notes
eyewitness Mandy Hartounian. "I thought it
was just a pile of old clothes, but when I got
closer, I knew different. That's when I
screamed." The neighbors heard Ms.
Hartounian's shriek and gathered around before
one Samaritan contacted the local authorities.
They immediately identified Quimbie's corpse,
as his boating license was tucked neatly into
his swimsuit.

"It's awful," commented one bystander, who
asked to remain anonymous. "I just read about
that guy in the paper. He made some trip to
Canada and found dinosaur birds, right? It's a
real shame."

As of press time, the culprit of the lethal
accident had not been named.

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This file belongs to series, with RQ5597148, RQ5597149, RQ5597150, and RQ5597152.

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