SRPA file RQ5597150 focus one of many interrogations on Reinhardt Quimbie.


SRPA RQ5597150


Date of Interview: 09.22.50
Subject: Quimbie, Reinhardt J.


INTERVIEWER: Please state your name for the record.

QUIMBIE: Reinhardt Quimbie.

INTERVIEWER: And what was your purpose of your trip to British Columbia?

QUIMBIE: I'm a scientist, I keep telling you.

INTERVIEWER: Were you commissioned by any specific organization?
QUIMBIE: No, I funded the trip myself.

INTERVIEWER: And what did you find on your journey?

QUIMBIE: Well, a lot of things, really.

INTERVIEWER: Please list the most unusual.

QUIMBIE: Even the ones you told me not to say on record?

INTERVIEWER: Just list them, Mr. Quimbie.

QUIMBIE: Fossils.

INTERVIEWER: What kind of fossils did you discover?

QUIMBIE: Just - just bird fossils.

INTERVIEWER: Are you sure that's all you found?

INTERVIEWER: And were they encased in anything out of the ordinary?


QUIMBIE: I really don't know what you want from me..

INTERVIEWER: Were the skeletons- the bird skeletons- were they encased in anything strange?

QUIMBIE: No. Just caves.

INTERVIEWER: You're quite sure of that?

QUIMBIE: Yes, absolutely. Now, can I go?

INTERVIEWER: And you won't deviate from this account in your future writings?

QUIMBIE: I told you already, I won't say a word. Please, can I get out of here?



There is an error on the year of the date as Quimbie died on 1947 according in SRPA file RQ5597151.

See AlsoEdit

This file belongs to series, with RQ5597148, RQ5597149, RQ5597151, and RQ5597152.

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