SRPA file RQ5597149 focus on a letter written by Reinhardt Quimbie to his colleague regarding on the Chimera fossils and a government gag order he received.


SRPA RQ5597149-1
SRPA RQ5597149-2



To my esteemed colleague Professor Hollingsworth.
As you know, my travel to the Llewellyn region were
more hurtful than I could have ever imagined. However,
I now had myself in a curious predicament of epic
proportions. The American government has issued
a gag order as to the exact nature of my discoveries,
so I must impart to you the bizarre peculiarities
of the excavation; I may never have the chance
to speak of these myself.
In addition to the aviary relics we found, there
were also some foreign other worldly remains.
They are unlike anything I have ever seen,
grotesque and startling to behold. One skull
contained six eye sockets and a prehensile
tailbone. Another was a seeming hybrid between
an insect and mammal structure - it
measured twelve feet in length and
featured deadly mandibles and an impenetrable

I must admit I am stymied by the very
words I am writing to you. Are these creatures
from the distant past or from parts unknown...
or both? In any case, the scientific world
deserves to know the truth. Please carry on my
research in the event that I befall a cruel
twist of fate, and don't share the contents
of this note with anyone. The precise coordinates
of the dig site are as follows:

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This file belongs to series, with RQ5597148, RQ5597150, RQ5597151, and RQ5597152.

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