SRPA file RQ5597148 focus on a article discussing millionaire adventurer Reinhardt Quimbie's discovery of fossilized remains of Chimera bones, and along with the remains of a Chimeran spaceship.


SRPA RQ5597148

Mysteries of the North Unveiled
September 14th, 1947

Exciting news today in the field of archaeology: millionaire philanthropist and noted
thrill-seeker Reinhardt Quimbie returned from his expedition in Canada with quite a
feathered find. Various aviary specimens (that's bird skeletons to you and me) were
recovered from the Llewellyn Glacier Caves of northern British Columbia. The
intrepid Quimbie spoke before a crowd of anxious reporters and well-wisher to
recount the details of his adventure.

"It is a banner day for paleontologists everywhere," he remarked. "Not only did I
uncover these rare fossils a thousand miles from where the species had previously
been found, but you'll never believe the circumstances. Their remains were
preserved in impeccable condition and appeared as though they were still in flight.
That is because they were encased in a metallic shell - it looked like the engine of a
rocket! But, instead of burning the ancient organisms alive, it trapped them in a state
of petrification. What kind of a futuristic propulsion system could do such a thing?

The crowd immediately began to stir and many of us inquired as to the nature of the
space-age capsule where the bird fossils were unearthed. Before Quimbie had a
chance to respond, however, the press conference was suddenly interrupted when
several unnamed men wearing dark suits and sunglasses mounted the stage. They
ushered Quimbie away from the podium, no doubt to congratulate him on his discov-
eries and delve further into the nature of his work. We can't wait to hear more!

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