• Mark Kirby [Radio]: Hello, my name is Mark Kirby, Director of the Liberty Defense Project. You and I know that America's defenses are the most powerful in the world. But with Europe experiencing some uncertainty it makes sense to take extra precautions. Our President wants you to know that... We Are Prepared. That's why he ordered the Army's Special Research Projects Administration to build a network of Protection Camps. Here's what you needed to know. In the unlikely event of an attack--an alarm will sound. Do not panic. This just means that it's time to proceed to your neighborhood's designated extraction point. Be sure to have your personal items ready, and remember, one bag per person. From there you will be transported to the nearest Protection Camp. Once you arrive you'll be assigned to a temporary home. Your kids will have access to playground equipment, meals will be served in a well-equipped cafeteria, and a state of the art medical facility will be available 24-hours per day. And for the duration of your stay, security will be guaranteed by the United States Army. Once the danger has passed it will be time to go home and catch up op your chores! A message from the Liberty defense project.

End of cinematic.

Campbell (comic)
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