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Concept art of a protection camp.

Protection Camps are a network of United States government sponsored refugee camps for displaced American refugees that were affected by the Chimeran invasion. The camps are an alternative for refugees who are not accepted to the Liberty Defense Perimeter, in which these camps are commonly situated outside or near the borders of the LDP. The camps were overseen by the Liberty Defense Project Administration and were originally made in preparation for the invasion in response to events transpiring in Europe.


Civilians are admitted to Protection Camps if they are pre-registered; those who are not registered are immediately recommended to do so and their names will be placed on a first-come first-served waiting list. Registered are to be presented with their ID Cards and are proceeded to the designated extraction point in the case of an evacuation.[1] From there individuals are transported to the nearest Protection Camp. Once arrive, they are arrange to a temporary home, provided meal preps, sanitation, medical care, and security.[2]

However, the services provided by the camps are far from the truth. The government realized that there has not been sufficient time nor resources to build the necessary numbers of Protection Camps for the entire American population, and thus only having the existing camps being filled up. This consequently will severely weaken basic services provided in the camps and therefore inevitably inciting civil unrest.[3] The Liberty Defense Project Administration consulted with psychologists and sees the only means of neutralizing civil disobedience and controlling the population is by deliberately separating families to increase reliance on centralized services. And as a last resort, guard towers are set up with machine guns that are aimed directly inside the compound should it become necessary.[3]

Since the months under the Grace Administration, the Protection Camps followed more stringent, yet controversial policies that governs the refugees through military-like disciplines. This forced some refugees into taking their chances by settling into shantytowns which commonly sprawled around cities. Though many others still decide to live in the camps out of pure necessity.[4] By July 24th, 1952, then President Harvey McCullen commissioned emergency construction of an additional 50 protection camps within the LDP to support the number of Americans who were unable to evacuate to the LDP.

Resistance: Burning SkiesEdit

In August 14th, 1951, citizens of New York City abandoned the New York Metropolitan Area and transferred to the Union City Protection Camp in New Jersey. The camp was subsequently attacked and invaded by the Chimera just as Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez arrived on the scene. Richard Gorrell use his Spire Beacon to attract Carriers and capturing humans, including Natalie and Rachel from the camp to the Chimeran Tower. Tom and Ellie managed to destroy the Spire Beacon.

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