Project Phoenix is a top-secret military project that only appears in Resistance: Burning Skies. The tests involved with Project Phoenix took place at SRPA Station Kali on Ellis Island.

Background Edit

The project was created by Richard Gorrell in an effort to turn the tides of the Chimeran War. The project revolved around controlling an army of tamable Chimera. Early attempts all resulted in failure, only seizing control over the subject for mere seconds. Recently, Gorrell discovered the Gray Tech components have an effect on severing the Chimera's connection to the Chimeran hive mind and are capable of controlling individual Chimera. Gorrell believed that inserting Grey Tech modules inside individual Chimera while they are formed and allowing absolute control of the creature. To this end, human beings are abducted and infected with the Chimeran virus.

Resistance: Burning Skies Edit


One of several tests.

Tom Riley and Ellie Martinez discover the project after watching a instructional film on Ellis Island. They then learn that Gorrell had kidnapped several human subjects from the Union City protection camp. Tom eventually confronts Gorrell at a conversion tower, where Gorrell attempts to control an unfinished Leviathan, but fails. Tom kills the Leviathan, and eventually hunts down and kills Gorrell. This served as a major setback to the project, and it is currently unknown whether or not it was ever continued.

Known MembersEdit

List of known creationsEdit


  • It's still unknown if Project Phoenix was to take over Project Abraham.
  • The project is mentioned by George Amherst, who refers to it as "unethical".
  • According to Gorrell, the project was overseen by the President, who approved it.

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