July 8, Suspension of Clinical TrialsEdit


From: Colonel Grant Thompson
To: Dr. Cassie Aklin, PhD
Re: Suspension of Clinical Trials
Date: November 3, 1950

Dr. Aklin,

Due to the violently unpredictable nature of our
experiments thus far, we have suspended all injections
until further notice. As the new psychiatric consult here
at Project Abraham your professional assessments will be
invaluable as we go forward with the project, but as for
now, we are in a holding pattern. The bio-chem team is
currently analyzing the data from our past attempts. We
should have a better direction in the next few days and
will be able to resume the testing protocol within the
next two weeks.

Make use of this time to assess the remaining six
candidates. As a result of the unexpected results to the
first injection of serum, all personnel will be
restricted to the Project Abraham compound. It is an
inconvenience, but given the severity of the Alaskan
winter, and this year's unexpectedly colder than normal
temperatures, it is unlikely that many people would be
venturing off base.

Remember, our work here is highly classified, so be sure
to familiarize yourself with base procedures.

Col. Grant Thompson, U.S. Army

July 8, Clarification of DutiesEdit


To: Cassandra Aklin, PhD
From: Colonel Thompson
Re: Clarification of Duties
Date: November 6, 1950

Per our conversation this memo will serve to clarify your

You will monitor the psychological states of the subject
of the trials both before the trials, and in the event
that the serum proves less debilitating, after them. In
particular, you are to watch for psychological changes
that might be associated with exposure to the virus.
These include but are not limited to, extreme rage,
auditory and/or visual hallucinations, nightmares and any
evidence of severe psychological disruptions.

Most importantly, each week the science staff will
recommend three men they believe are biologically best
suited to that week's trial. Based on your evaluations of
the men themselves, and the group as a whole, you will
forward to me a recommendation as to which man will be the
subject of that week's trial.

Understand that though this is an immense burden, your
service is essential to this project.

Col. Grant Thompson, U.S. Army

July 8, Lab Results for Joseph Capelli (Nov 7, 1950)Edit

Main article: Joseph Capelli's dossier

July 25Edit

Letter MorntonMemo

From: Thad Mornton, Security Officer
To: All Project Abraham staffers

It has come to my attention that certain individuals on
this base have been abusing their privileges on We monitor all interfaces going into
and out of our facilities, so be warned that your
correspondence must be in accordance with all military
rules and regulations.

Specifically, no member of this project should have any
contact with the Alliance for American Autonomy. They say
their motto is "America First, America Only," but in
truth, they are a dangerous group that spreads lies and
propaganda. Even if your intentions are altruistic, the
Alliance must not be accessed from any government

Failure to follow regulations in this matter will result
in serious disciplinary action.

Thank you and please consult me with any questions you may


Thad Mornton

July 29, Lab Results for Channing Brown (Nov 14, 1950)Edit

Main article: Channing Brown's dossier

July 29, Freiberghen Open-Association TestEdit

Attachment OATest

To: Dr. Cassie Aklin From: U.S. War Department, Office of Psychological Protocol

Attached is a copy of the Freiberghen Open-Association Test, which
we use to evaluate our soldiers' mental wellbeing and cognitive
delineations. It has proven successful in categorizing levels of
trauma both on the battlefield and during the difficult process of
re-acclimating to normal society.

The Freiberghen Test is to be administered via a one-on-one session
between a trained professional and the subject. His/her reactions
must be monitored closely and recorded accurately.

We hope that this procedure is beneficial to your research as you
move forward with Project Abraham.

August 5, Inkblot (Rorschach) TestEdit

Attachment Inkblot

Dr. Aklin,
Last week's psych evaluations were received.
Results were...unexpected. Please follow-up with
this test?

August 5 Lab Results, Post-Oster selection (Nov. 21, 1950)Edit

Main article: Keith Oster's dossier

August 12, Lab Results for Glenn Khaner (Nov 28, 1950)Edit

Main article: Glenn Khaner's dossier

August 15, MEMO, Grant Thompson to Dr. Cassie Aklin, PhD (Dec 1, 1950)Edit

From: Colonel Grant Thompson
To: Dr. Cassie Aklin, PhD
Re: Injection protocol change

Dr. Aklin,
As you may or may not know, we have been in constant commu-
nication with our team at Base Station Genesis, sharing
vital information as we discover it. Project Abraham in-
volves the work of many people at several installations.
combining our efforts is essential. The scientific direc-
tor over there, Dr. Fyodor Malikov, has made a potential
breakthrough in his research, so he mailed us a sample of
the latest serum that he has formulated. According to the
medical data, it has had remarkable traction on subject
Jordan Adam Shepherd.

In light of this development, we will be substituting the
serum developed at this facility in favor of Malikov's new
compound. Expectations are high that this week's experi-
ment could be the answer we've been looking for as we
forge ahead with Project Abraham.


Col. Grant Thompson

August 15, MEMO, Grant Thompson to All Base Personnel (Dec 1, 1950)Edit

Letter ThompsonMemo

From: Colonel Grant Thompson
Date: December 1, 1950

It has recently come to my attention that one of our secu-
rity officers was conducting improper surveillance on
fellow Project Abraham staffers. He has since been placed
on unpaid leave indefinitely. Matters of security are not
to be used to justify such behavior; the U.S. military
will not tolerate it in any form.

We can never underestimate the cunning of our foe. As a
great man once said, "In case of defense, it's best to
weigh the enemy mightier than he seems."

Col. Grant Thompson


August 19, Lab Results, Post-Hale selection (Dec 5, 1950)Edit

P.A. Medical Facility

December 5th, 1950

Attention: Dr. Cassie Aklin

This week's experiment will be crucial in pinpointing the
missing variable in our serum composition. We have
altered the serum in an effort to compensate for the
metabolic side effects seen in the last injection. Please
do not tarry in your selection process, as we are gearing
up to make our final breakthrough with this next

Should be this week's soldier? Or is Danby more
prepared, in your professional estimation?

Authorized Signature,

August 26, Lab Results, Post-Gennaro selection (Dec 12, 1950)Edit

P.A. Medical Facility

December 12th, 1950

Attention: Dr. Cassie Aklin

Although our research has not yielded a cure to the deadly
virus that we have been striving to combat, we have
achieved some considerable successes along the way. Sgt.
Hale has recuperated nicely and his natural antibody
production will be essential in future studies. That is
why we are forwarding his lab results on to Bryce Canyon,
where Dr. Fyodor Malikov will take the proverbial baton
and run with it. He has been formulating an "inhibitor
serum" for the past several months; perhaps his findings
will coalesce with ours and bring all of our hard work to

On a personal note, we all wish you the best of luck in
your future endeavors. Wherever your next post will be,
they are fortunate to have a thoughtful, precise mind like
yours at their disposal.

Farewell, Cassie

Authorized Signature

August 29Edit

From: Colonel Grant Thompson
To: Dr. Cassie Aklin, PhD
December 15th, 1950

Effective immediately, the viral experimentation we have
been conducting over these past six weeks will halt and
all future initiatives will be performed at Base Station
Genesis. Although Lt. Danby has been prepped for
injection, his procedure will not be necessary, as
conflicting data has arisen from Dr. Fyodor Malikov's
latest research. Our serum configuration is not in
accordance with the compound Malikov is now using and,
therefore, it would do more harm than good.

Please notify the members of your respective staffs about
our new procedure. We still have a lot of work to do
before this operation can transition, in its entirety, to
the Bryce Canyon facility.

Thank you for your hard work; we have all made sacrifices
along the way to aid in the steady progress of Project
Abraham. The military appreciates your efforts, mourns
our immense losses, and recognizes what we may have
gained, in turn.

Col. Grant Thompson

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