April 23rd, 1952.

DENVER - In a surprise move yesterday, President McCullen repealed former
president Grace's long-standing ban on all immigration into the United States.
McCullen announced that the opening of the borders is a matter of necessity, saying
"The increasing waves of Chimeran attacks along our borders require that we use
every able-bodied man we have to counter the Chimeran threat." McCullen has
ordered all naval vessels patrolling the coasts to return to their bases. He further
declared, "Any refugees who come to our shores will be expected to pick up arms in
the fight against our common enemy."

Under President Grace's policy, literally millions of refugees from South America and
Asia have been forcibly turned away. Refugee ships were frequently diverted to
Canada, Mexico, Cuba, or the Virgin Islands. In recent months, however, refugee
vessels have predominantly set courses for Australia as the Chimera have so far been
unable to reach that continent.

President McCullen's reversal of the immigration ban has been heralded by many as
an important and necessary step in countering Chimeran incursions
within our borders.

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