Another piece of 'gray' technology. No idea what it does. It was located in the middle of the Chimeran fluid transport system, so maybe it was a filter of some kind? Or a monitor? It seems to have more in common with the machines I saw in the lower area of the waterfall chamber than anything else I've seen. I pried open a compartment in the machine and found these: small red and white crystals. I'll send them to LaSalle to see what he can make of them. They give off a lot of heat, and have some kind of energy field around them, enough to make your hand numb if you hold them too long. I hope they're not -what was the word LaSalle used? Radioactive? No idea what radio waves have to do with rocks. Some 'minerals' are unstable on an atomic level, evidently. Might be useful as an energy source, but it all sounds pretty sci-fi to me.

--Journal Entry, 01 September, 1951-- James Grayson

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