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Plan B is the ninth chapter of Resistance 3


Joseph Capelli and Charlie Tent are forced to make their way across the rooftops from the ammunition store to the Remnant base, encountering heavy Chimeran resistance as they do so.

Just as Joseph and Charlie almost reach the hideout they are attacked by the Widowmaker and Charlie loses the power core, forcing Joseph to kill the Widowmaker in order to re-secure the core.




This will be the first time in the game that that the player has to fight a Widowmaker. The most important things when fighting a Widowmaker is to always keep moving and to use the right weapons. The Widowmaker will try to attack you with acid. To prevent getting hurt by this acid, it is advised to keep moving and to run away when the Widowmaker attacks with the acid. When you are low on health try to find some Sym-Bac. These will not be hard to find. Always stay on the buildings and do try to approach it because when you get too close it can knock you back. The best weapons to use on the Widowmakers' weak spots are the Marksman, Deadeye, Carbine and the Bullseye. There will also be some Leapers attacking you, so try using the Rossmore 239 Combat Shotgun on them.

Journal LocationsEdit

  • Mass Exodus: After taking out a large group of enemies run over the suspension bridge and before fighting another group of Shock Drones and Longlegs run to the top of the stairs on your right.


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