Philip Howard was a Captain of the British armed forces during the Chimeran War.


Howard came from an Anglican devoted family, but possesses his own personal view of his respective religion that contrasts to his family's. He was acquainted and befriended with Sergeant Channing Brown, who came with the American forces that participated in the Siege of Genoa. Howard and Brown shared an amicable relationship and common grounds over their religious view of God and state.

Before Channing left for America, Howard was stuck in hearing Channing's words about judgment day, and about how he felt helpless in the face of the Chimera. He also hears out his problem concerning that his intelligence gathering of the Chimera would hardly make any difference. In response Howard wrote a letter to Channing in reassuring him that his assignment did make a difference in acquiring needed knowledge that could benefit all of humanity's military forces. Howard further wrote that he regretted in never having a drink with Channing.[1]


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