Corporal Pardo was a Sentinel who took part in Operation Iron Fist and was part of the SAR team with 2nd Lt. Nathan Hale. Pardo piloted a Stalker with Cpl. Tim Yorba. He and his team quickly found the Alpha Tech they were looking for. Hale ordered Pardo to jump down to the Tech and try to hook it up with a grappling hook, so as to allow the team to raise it onto the platform they were standing on. While waiting for the tech to reach the next platform, a Fury attacked him and dragged him underwater. The rest of his team tried to help, but were too late as Pardo's body floated up, revealing that the Fury had ripped off his face.


  • Pardo may have struck up a friendship with Corporal Tim Yorba as when the latter killed a Hybrid at the end of Operation Iron Fist he honored his fallen comrade by yelling, "That's for Pardo!"