"SPIRE ATTACKS"
     Brought to you by the War Department at Arlington

You've all read the news - a deadly phenomenon has
decimated the eastern seaboard and claimed the lives
of millions. But, what are "Spire Attacks" and how do
                               we stop them?


*     To date, all of these assaults have originated from the
air. That does not preclude the possibility of sea-born spire
attacks, but we have not seen such scenario arise as of yet.

*     The missiles used in these campaigns are massive and
precise; DO NOT attempt to counteract their might with
consumer-grade rifles, pistols or shotguns. Such a course of
action will surely result in death.

*    Spires are manned, if not operated, by gargantuan
insect-like organisms called "Spinners." Once a warcraft
touches down on earth, these creatures emerge and latch onto
any human host it can encounter. The purpose of these hosts is
for gestation; the giant bugs cocoon innocent people and lay
their eggs inside them, just waiting for their spawn to hatch.

   Now that we know THE FACTS, what can we do to
counteract the inevitable? Our options are bleak, but
                  they're the only ones we have.

                   HERE'S WHAT TO DO:

*    Batten down your dwelling as best you can. There are
no guarantees that reinforced shutters and storm doors will
prevent the spinners from entering your homes, but they sure
can't hurt, now can they?

*    If you see anything unusual in the sky, consult the army
IMMEDIATELY. By spotting a potential spire attack early, we
may be able to minimize the disastrous effects of their immea-
surable power.

*    NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. We cannot allow the over-
whelming circumstances to paralyze us. Our brothers, sisters,
aunts, uncles, friends and loved-ones may have been slaugh-
tered en masse, but their deaths DO NOT have to be in vain.

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