August 12th, 1951

Prime Minister Ouelere

Though we deeply regret and sympathize with the
immense losses that you and your countrymen have
suffered in the past few days, there is currently no
course of action that the American government is
either willing or able to take that will alleviate
your predicament. Canadians are strong people,
they have preserved through worse scenarios in the
past and they will preserve once again.

Allowing refugees from the afflicted area to enter
our borders would only exacerbate the problem; they
are sick and need to be quarantined, no matter how
difficult a concept they may be to accept. As far as
the other claim in your last request, there is no
indication that these foreign invaders are, in fact,
from another planet (despite what the
sensationalistic media outlets have suggested).
Until we know the precise nature of this infestation,
there is little we can do to help you combat them.

I assure you that once the roads and bridges have
been reconstructed, we will immediately send
reinforcements in the form of food rations and
medical supplies. In the meantime, however, all we
can offer is our compassion and undying loyalty.
Together, we will defeat this menace before it has a
chance to spread into other regions of your fair
nation, or southward into the U.S.

Stand strong and stay alert.


Noah Grace, President of the United States of America

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