Issuing Authority: The Special Research Projects Agency

Subject: Dr. Cassie Aklin, PhD

Date: December 18th, 1950


Dr. Aklin has successfully completed her duties to the Alaskan
contingent of Project Abraham. Over the past seven weeks, Aklin
has provided psych consultation to the medical test subjects, as
well as professional evaluation of said subjects for use by the
ranking P.A. staff. Her considerable research has been
invaluable to the work of the entire department.

However, as we are relocating our effort in their entirety to
Base Station Genesis, we will no longer need Dr. Aklin's
services, as they are currently defined. Therefore, she will be
reassigned to our facility near Alliance, Nebraska pending a
full debriefing and orientation period. Just a reminder: all
Project Abraham files and data are classified - she must not
vacate the premises with any sensitive materials, even those from
her own psych office.

In the long term, we hope for the doctor to join our operations
in San Francisco, CA. This would be dependent on the proper
training and reeducation, naturally, but her expertise could be
highly advantageous to our research there. It should also be
noted that SRPA and the War Department will be closely assessing
Aklin's abilities to maintain her objectivity and discretion with
regards to her experience in Alaska. These are top-secret
operations, after all; her future employment within our ranks
will hinge on her understanding of the gravity of this situation.

Authorizing Signature:

[signed signature]

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