Dr. Malikov

I know this letter will be confiscated and read by any number of censors
and g-men (hi boys), but I don't give a damn anymore. I have one simple
request: to find Nathan Hale. And I think you might know where he is.

When I first heard the name Malikov, I knew I didn't like it. Your serum
may have helped advance Project Abraham, but to what end? Sure, Sgt.
Hale survived in the short term, but nobody can tell me where he is -
alive, dead, strong, weak - or maybe he's locked up in another examining
room, strapped to machines that suck the life out of him little by little.
That's no way to survive. Nathan would rather be dead.

If this whole ordeal has taught me one thing, it's this: you can't play
with people's lives. You sit in your lab, surrounded by test tubes and
Bunsen burners, while innocent people pay the price. They're just figures
on a chart for you, but they're flesh, blood and soul to people like me
and Nathan Hale.

I want to speak to him. You know how to contact me, Malikov.

Cassie Aklin
July 21st, '52


  • This document goes against Resistance: The Gathering Storm seeing as Cassie met Nathan in November 1951 and found out that he was a Second Lieutenant. Though she may just have been calling him a Sergeant because that was his rank during Project Abraham and she hadn't seen him since their encounter in November.

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