Millions Perish By Extraterrestrial Infestation

July 24th, 1951

Unconfirmed reports out of Quebec City tell of a barrage
of missiles that rained down from the heavens all day
yesterday and through the long, merciless night. The
projectiles destroyed skyscrapers and residences' alike,
leaving only scorched earth and devastation in their wake.

But, that was only the beginning.

After the rockets had seemingly done their worst, they
exuded another wave of terror in the form of oversized
mutant beetles. These creatures trampled through the
streets, feasting on human flesh and immobilizing their
victims upon contact.

Through scant few survivors could be located and fewer
still were able to articulate just exactly what happened
during the onslaught, one eyewitness recounted her brush
with horror. "They were everywhere," sobbed Trina
Malgeth. "We couldn't hide because they had destroyed
all the buildings - even the church! I hid behind a pile of
rubble with my husband. After the commotion ended. I
tried to wake him up." Malgeth's account ended there,
but local authorities issued the following statement:

"We must stand together and find a reason why so many of
our brethren were killed last night. More importantly, we
must answer this: why were even more of them kept

Cases of comatose victims is the outlying area now
number in the hundreds of thousands. Local hospitals have
been overrun and the Canadian government is unsure how
to proceed.

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