Regarding the U.S. military facility near Anchorage, Alaska


Early January, 1951: Military and civilian staff downsized
by 50%. Medical equipment is sterilized and packed away
for transport to parts south for recalibration and reuse.

February 1st, 1951: Staffers began vacating the base.
Twelve HOV's, filled to capacity, depart for overnight
travel to Juneau, where they stop for refueling. The
caravan then continues on. Shift changes occur every 8
hours, allowing drivers the chance to slumber while other
soldiers take the wheel. Upon reaching the U.S. border,
vehicles disperse. Final destinations include military
bases in Phoenix, Denver, Houston and Little Rock.

Late February, 1951: Remaining personnel near Anchorage
redouble efforts to finalize sterilization of laboratory
space. Industrial strength cleaning agents are used until
entire inventory is depleted. More supplies required.

March 3rd, 1951: Base meets minimum health and safety
standards required for final evacuation. Plasma residue on
walls and floor reduced to almost undetectable levels.

March 10th, 1951: Before staffers had the opportunity to
destroy tall medial records in an incinerator as planned,
the base came under heavy fire from the north. Enemy
forces match description of Russian invaders - not human,
indestructible. U.S. military personnel retreat to the
safety of remaining HOV's, which continue away from base
with all survivors in tow.

March 11th, 1951: Facility declared abandoned despite the
existence of classified materials on site.

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