Oscar Company was a Black Ops company that joined Victor and Echo as they went to assault a damaged Chimeran battleship at Orick, California. However, Victor Company, led by Nathan Hale, discovered the remains of Oscar, with one member apparently split into two by a Chameleon, in which Hale states there are no survivors of Oscar Company.

Oscar Company was later mentioned to had participated in SRPA's failed assault on the Chimeran tower in New York City.[1]. Four survivors from Oscar Company joined a few survivors from Victor Company ,which was another company that took part in the assault. After a few days, the assault ended in a failure and the Chimera started to hunt down any survivors. This forced Oscar Company and Victor Company to avoid the Chimera by going through the subways. However, the subways were infested with Grims and other strains, that managed to kill four soldiers, leaving three left. Eventually, the last members of Oscar Company were killed as well.


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