Orick is a small Californian timber town that was earlier invaded by Chimeran forces after the town was hit by a barrage of Spire missiles from Chimeran warships in July 23rd, 1952. The occupied town posed a threat to the nearby city of San Francisco forcing SRPA forces including the special commando team, Specter Team, to cleanse Orick of Chimeran forces during Operation Green Eagle. However, Orick and its surrounding area were still under Gray territory.

Orick R2

During the invasion of America on May 15th, 1953, Sentinel team Echo damaged a Chimeran warship in San Francisco and forcing it to retreat and stall over Orick. Once SRPA and Echo Team arrived to Orick, the entire vicinity was heavily defended by Chimeran forces including Chameleons lurking in the redwood forests. Echo Team managed to bypass the defenses, boarded and destroyed the warship.

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  • Oddly though Orick had been spired a year before the events of Resistance 2, there are Cocoons scattered all over town. This is far longer than the ordinary time period for them to hatch into Grims.

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