Operation Wrath of God was a combined SRPA-Specter Team military operation, and the last to be conducted, under command by Major Richard Blake. The objective of the mission is to disarray all Chimeran forces in Iceland and prevent Daedelus from constructing the Prometheus Weapon.


Due to previous SRPA-led incursions in Bryce Canyon, Utah, researchers at Project Prometheus discovered hard evidences to support Dr. Julia Cathcart's theory that the Gray Tech components were meant to combine and creating a super weapon with extinction-level capabilities dubbed as the Prometheus Weapon. This discovery made SRPA to fear the possibility that the Chimera led by Daedalus were pursuing the Gray Tech components to create this weapon.

In June 15th, 1953, SRPA intelligence confirmed from recent reconnaissance reports over Holar, Iceland that Daedalus was indeed constructing the Prometheus Weapon at the Holar Tower due to the large concentration of Chimeran forces in Iceland. SRPA immediately dispatched Specter Team in seizing the Gray Tech components before the Chimera could make any progress toward building the weapon.[1][2]


By the end of June 21th, Specter Team succeeded in causing huge disarray among Chimeran forces throughout Iceland and forcing Daedalus to abandoning his pursuit of the Prometheus Weapon and leaving for the Chicxulub crater in Mexico. Daedalus' abortive efforts to complete the Prometheus Weapon also afforded SRPA the time to complete their prototype fission bomb for Operation Black Eden.[3]


  • Wrath of God takes place right about one month after SRPA's aborted operation to eliminate Daedalus in the Holar Tower and one week before Nathan Hale awake from his six-week coma.


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