Operation: Shadow Strike

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Special Forces Team: SPECTER

Date: April 19, 1952

President Grace attempted an emergency evacuation of Chicago in October, 1951.
Unfortunately, the evacuation came too late to save the majority of the civilian
population. The Chimera launched a massive spire attack that infected most of the city
within minutes. All surrounding areas in a 50 mile radius of downtown Chicago
were declared gray territory and abandoned to the Chimera.

In the ensuing months there appeared to be little activity. The area appeared to be
contained. However, the Chimera recently began amassing command units inside
Chicago. We believe their intended target is the northeast section of the Liberty
Defense Perimeter. The Perimeter was built to withstand an attack by their airborne
battleships, but it is not equipped to hold back a large scale ground assault. It is
imperative that we infiltrate Chicago and eliminate the growing Chimeran threat.

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