Operation Crucible

Location: Bryce Canyon, Utah

Special Forces Team: SPECTER


Following the activation of the Chimeran tower in Bryce Canyon on May 15th, the
Chimera began heavily realigning their command forces to that area. According to Dr.
Malikov, there still may be large quantities of gray tech inside the canyon. Assuming
this is true, we must act immediately to take back control of the area and retrieve any
gray tech the Chimera have acquired. We cannot allow Daedalus to gain control of any
more of this technology.

Dr. Malikov reports that the Chimera are using a widespread, interconnected series of
nuclear reactors in the areas surrounding the tower. He theorizes that the towers
themselves are also connected to one another via massive underground power
conduits. Dr. Malikov believes that if we destroy the reactors surrounding the Bryce
Canyon tower, it will trigger a chain reaction that will destroy all the connected towers. We
have confirmed reports from British Intelligence that Nathan Hale, now the leader of
Sentinel team Echo, used this technique successfully in the Battle of London two years

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