Operation: Viper Pit

Location: Bracknell, England

Special Forces Team: SPECTER


Colonel Parker has requested additional SRPA support at Bracknell, England. This
location was formerly one of the largest Chimeran bases of power, but all
enemy troops were eradicated after the July 14, 1951 victory in London. Four days ago, the
Chimera sent in dropships and retook the location. We believe they are amassing
command forces in an attempt to launch a broader attack across all of England. British
and European forces are currently divided among three fronts on the continent:
Northern France, Poland, and Southern Spain. If they should lose any of these
fronts, Chimeran forces will converge and wipe out the remaining allied troops.
Therefore it is imperative that we hold off the enemy in Bracknell and prevent them
from regaining a foothold inside of England.

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