Operation Kodiak was a successful raiding mission conducted by Sentinel Team Echo on October 9th, 1952


Echo infiltrated a Chimeran factory that had been manufacturing fighter aircraft. Echo's vice-leader, Lieutenant Nathan Hale, whom aided in this mission, showed exceptional tactical ingenuity in leading the team to an auxillary power reactor outside the factory. The team overloaded the reactor, causing it to chain react and flush out the hostile command units inside the base. After the command troops were destroyed, Echo Team eliminated the remaining hostiles and destroyed the factory. This was a significant setback to the Chimera's strategy, as it eliminates a major source of their air superiority on the American east coast.[1]

One unexpected positive outcome of the operation was Sentinel Benjamin Warner's hands on disassembling one of the destroyed fighter ships, and discovering that the craft's flight controls was human operable. Salvage teams were sent to the site to recover the components for further study at SRPA 3 in the hopes of reverse engineering the controls to be use to commandeer Chimeran ships.[1]


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