Operation Iron Hand is a rescue operation coordinated and led by Sergeant Benjamin Warner in rescuing a group of human survivors stranded in Chimera-occupied Savannah, Georgia.


On July 23rd 1952, the Chimera launched a massive spire attack on the American states of Georgia and Florida, prompting President Harvey McCullen to declare the entire southeast coast a Gray Zone.[1] The area was believed to have been lost after the Chimera blackened the entire region with Spinners. However, SRPA 12 in Atlanta picked up a distress signal from a group of survivors over ham radio. The citizens had managed to take refuge from the Spinners in the Telfair Museum.[1]

Sergeant Benjamin Warner of Echo Team volunteered to lead a convoy and two army units into gray territory to find the survivors. The operation became a complete success and over 73 survivors were rescued. Warner was then awarded the Bronze Star for his bravery and initiative in the mission.[1][2]


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