Operation Iron Fist was a combined United States Army and SRPA military operation that was designed to collect nuclear fuel rods from a Chimeran base in Hot Springs, South Dakota.


Operation Iron Fist was designed so that the 5th Ranger Battalion would attack south of the Chimeran base near Hot Springs, South Dakota, which would draw the Chimeran forces south and allow a Sentinel Search and Recovery team - Sentinel Team Echo, led by Nathan Hale, to enter the base and steal a set of Chimeran fuel rods. The plan was to send a tank company, supported by LU-P LYNXs and two infantry companies. with the Chimera moved south to engage, troops brought in by VTOLs would then attack them from the east and west. The base that Hale and his team, including Dr. Linda Barrie, would infiltrate a Chimeran facility that was built to exploit energy from a geothermal tap and fed to a hub tower and a standard tower.

Hale and his team, consisting of four other Sentinels and Dr. Barrie, used Stalkers to infiltrate the base. Whilst the 5th Ranger Battalion to the south fiercely battled with the Chimera and both sides had already suffered thousands of casualties, and that the battle was continuing fiercely. An unknown number of Sentinels were also assisting the Rangers in the battle. The SAR team then used their Stalkers to destroy the gun towers of the base before entering. After eliminating numerous Hybrids and Patrol Drones they reached the room containing the rods. The rods were stored in water-filled chambers to keep them cool. One of the Sentinels, Pardo, was killed when a Fury grabbed him and bit his face. Hale killed it with his HE .44 Magnum. After collecting the rod, they used an elevator to get to the roof to be escort out by VTOL, where they were attacked by more Hybrids. Another Sentinel, Gaines, was killed when he was bit on the neck by a Hybrid. The other two Sentinels and Dr. Barrie were injured during the battle, but they were able to survive and evacuate onto the VTOL with the fuel rods.

Operation Iron Fist was a success, giving SRPA nuclear fuel rods to reverse engineer them in an attempt to make nuclear weapons.

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