Operation Green Eagle was a SRPA operation committed by Specter Team under the command of Major Richard Blake. Their objective is to destroy the Chimeran military command structure located in Orick, California and preventing any Chimeran invaders that pose a threat to San Francisco.[1]


In July 23, 1952, Orick and its surrounding area fell to the Chimera after it was bombarded by spire missiles from Chimeran warships; thus making a foothold on the west coast that brings them within range of launching a spire attack on San Francisco. Furthermore, the Chimera held special interest over the town itself for possessing large quantities of Gray Tech components lying underneath it. SRPA realized Orick as one of the most important fronts in the war and refused to have the Chimera seize or control any more Gray Tech components that would accelerate the Chimera's plan.[2]


For days, Specter Team inflicted heavy casualties on the Chimeran command structure. Without their command structure, the Chimera were unable to produce sufficient troop quantities in the area in advance towards the population density targets. The Chimera's attack on Orick were also backfired as Specter had succeeded in recovering the Gray Tech components that would otherwise have remained under Chimeran control. Although the Orick area remained as a gray zone, SRPA no longer consider it a priority threat.[3]


  • Green Eagle takes place right at approximately 8 months, 2 weeks before Nathan Hale and Echo Team arrived in Orick as they attempt to infiltrated the gray zone and scuttled the Chimeran Battleship which had been damaged during the attack on San Francisco.


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