Operation Allied Shield was a SRPA military operation committed by Specter Team with the objective to containing and devastate all incoming Chimeran forces from attacking Axbridge, England.


A research base conducting Grey Tech research in Axbridge, England was hit by a surprise attack of Chimera in what is believed to be a strategic attempt to divert British advancement in Europe. After the Chimera were eradicated within Britain, all British military forces were redeployed to missions on the continent and thus unavailable to defend Axbridge. Colonel Rachel Parker of British Intelligence sent an emergency request for assistance from SRPA in which she urgently stated the research facility was also studying Chimeran nuclear reactor technology. In exchange for SRPA assistance, Parker offered to provide detailed intelligence reports and research data concerning schematics of a reverse engineered nuclear core to SRPA for which they would use it in the development of America's fission bomb.[1][2]


Specter Team was deployed to defending Axbridge in which they prove very successful. After overwhelming impossible odds, the Chimera were contained. Because of the Chimera's attention to attacking Axbridge their strategy of diverting British forces seem to have backfired, as many Chimeran command units were killed by Specter inside Axbridge. This left the continental towers poorly defended and open for attack for Allied forces.

Rachel Parker fulfilled her promises to SRPA and provided about the gray tech recovered from towers in Bonn, Gerolstein, Paris, and Prague, including intel gathered by lone mercenary James Grayson. The data revealed to corroborate Richard Feynman's theory that the Gray Tech had been left intentionally, as if it were a puzzle meant to be solve.[3]

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