The Office of Perception, Protection and Guidance (P.P.G., or PPG) was a government organization that promoted American propaganda, while simultaneously censoring any information regarding the true nature of the "European Influenza" and safeguarding government secrets.

In May 1950, the PPG practically censored all public and outside knowledge about the Chimera, their invasion out of Russia, and the subsequent war in Europe through supplanting false news about a European influenza epidemic. This quickly became accepted by the American population, and the PPG subversively replaced all American independent media with government propaganda. The PPG also curtailed and suppressed any bias information towards the government by dissidents, most notably the Alliance for American Autonomy.

By the time the Chimera had finally invaded the United States and all censorship on the invaders was voided, the PPG had rededicated itself to improving the morale effort in the Chimeran War.[1]



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