Nottingham is the fourth campaign level of Resistance: Fall of Man.


In the aftermath of the operation in Manchester, British forces recovered the secret weapon they intended to exchange with the Americans, which was shipped back to Northern Command, and then made for Nottingham, where the British Army were intending to execute Operation Shear, their mission is to seal the tunnel nexus that the Chimera had been using to launch surprise attacks against them. Nathan Hale was seconded to the mission.

Arriving in Nottingham, Hale joined the force of British soldiers tasked with taking out the Chimeran Mortar position. Fighting his way through the maze of trenches and gun emplacements, guarded by Hybrids, Hale fought his way to the position and destroyed the mortars, though he was the only soldier to survive the assault. Shortly thereafter, Captain Parker directed him to head through the abandoned railway tunnel in order to assist Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright, whose forces had run into heavy Chimeran resistance.

Hale made his way through the tunnel, to find himself in the middle of a raging battle being fought across a trio of bridges which spanned a deep ravine created by the Chimera's excavations. The Chimera destroyed two of the bridges, but kept one intact to allow more of their forces to join the battle. After repulsing waves of Chimera, Hale and the British Royal Marines managed to fight their way across the bridge and overwhelm the Chimera on the other side. This action cost many lives but allowed for the continuation of the operation and saved Lieutenant Cartwright's unit from being overrun before even reaching the tunnel nexus. It was at this point that Cartwright realized that something was afoot in the Chimeran activity in the area. Realizing the Chimera were "up to more than just digging tunnels" he immediately pushed into the excavation area, after being informed by Parker the Chimera were being held in check by Shear.

Pressing on to a great crater excavated by the Chimera, a furious battle ensued between the Marines and the Chimera, fought atop great pylons being used to power the machines excavating for the Chimera. After a lengthy fight, in which Hale proved invaluable, the Chimera in the crater were overwhelmed and their excavation stopped. Cartwright informed Parker of their success, but advised her to send in experts from Northern Command to find out what the Chimera were digging for.


Into the FireEdit

As the level begins, turn right from the tunnel you start in and head towards the hill. Be warned; the Chimera have sentry guns covering the hill and they shoot at anything charging them, so make sure to use cover and blind spots to avoid being shot to pieces. Take out the Hybrids in the gun emplacements (the Auger Rifle is a good weapon for this) , then head for the trenches behind the guns. These trenches are swarming with Hybrids and they just keep coming; the trenches will be fighting at short range. As soon as you enter the trenches, switch to the Rossmore 236 Combat Shotgun and start blasting. Make good use of grenades and explosive barrels and follow the trenches until you come to a field with barricades you can duck behind, which you'll need since this area is covered by another sentry gun. Use cover to advance and take out the gunner, then move forward until you are overlooking another trench. Drop down and head into the tunnel before the sentry gun to your right opens fire. Follow the tunnel round until you're behind the gun and take out the Hybrid. Then follow the trench until you come to a T-junction; if you need more ammo, go right, and you'll come to a room with Carbine and shotgun ammo. If not, head left and up to the house. Don't go straight in; there are five hybrids inside; it's better to toss in a few grenades to thin them out before storming in. Once the hybrids are down, by whatever means, head up the stairs; two hybrids and three menials await. Kill them and this part of the level's over.


Follow the tunnel until you come to the locked gate; as you look through, you get your first encounter with a Titan and what it can do. Once the Titan takes out the soldiers in the room and blasts its way through the gate to get to you, switch to the Auger Rifle; make good use of the secondary fire's shield to protect you from the Titan's fire, and keep shooting until the Titan goes down. Head through the room ahead until you come to another locked gate; a British soldier unlocks it for you. Follow the path round until you come to the room with two snipers; here you get your hands on a new weapon; the L23 Fareye. At this point, you can either join the snipers and shoot at the Hybrids in the full-scale battle below you, or you can head down to the fight.

Exit the building and head into the ravine; you'll come across some British soldiers fighting it out with Hybrids; take them out, stock up on health and ammo if you need it, then head up the hill. You'll find yourself in the full-scale battle you saw from the sniper's post. Your best bet is to get in close and use the Rossmore. Don't head for the bridges just yet; the Chimera destroy the two on the left and right and if you head up the centre on straight away, you'll be swamped by waves of Hybrids. Stay near the end of the bridge and keep shooting as they come; feel free to head back to the ravine to stock up on health and/or ammo if you're running low. Keep shooting until you hear someone shout "Get over the bridge!"; that's your cue to move. Head up the bridge, take out any Hybrids that stand in your path and follow those retreating. You'll come to the entrance of a warehouse where the Chimera are making their last stand; don't charge in, there's a fair number of hybrids and once you head down, Leapers swarm from the building. Take out the leapers and the hybrids outside the entrance, then move in and take out the last few hybrids inside. Once all the Chimera are dead, go through the room to the right, and take a second right until you meet up with Cartwright.

Viper's NestEdit

Head down the hill until you see the Titan blasting the soldiers; use the same method as before to take it out. As it falls, a squad of hybrids emerge from the lift; try to use a frag or hedgehog grenade as the lift opens- it can take out most if not all of them. If it fails, mop up the stragglers, grab any ammo refills you need then head into the lift. You'll get to the top of the first pylon. Take care; there are two hybrids waiting to ambush you up top. Take them out, then head to the bridge leading to the next pylon. Switch to the Fareye and snipe the two hybrids on the sentry guns, then cross the bridge to the next pylon. (Be careful; the bridge is very thin and if you misstep, you fall to your death).

Take out the two hybrids on the second pylon and head towards the raised brdige. Go past it and across the second bridge; deal with the Steelhead and Menials on the other side until you get to the bridge controls. Turn them and head back the way you came until you get to the now-extended bridge. Take out the Hybrids that charge you, then head down in the lift. You'll now be at the bottom of the third pylon and there's a Titan waiting for you. Just use the same method as before and you'll beat the level.

Intel DocumentsEdit

  • Harbinger: After passing the first turret emplacement, it is located inside a tunnel leading to a underground bunker and on a desk.
  • Tunnels: In the house above the trench network and found on a desk with grenades next to the stairs.
  • Regarding cloven: After pushing the Chimera back across the small metal bridge, it is inside the warehouse and on a metal shelf.

Skill PointsEdit

  • In One Ear, Out The Other (2 points): Get at least 5 kills by headshot with the L23 Fareye.


See Nottingham, England (level)/Transcript



  • On Co-op, British Soldier 1 doesn't appear and say his sentence.
  • It is possible to survive a fall from one of the bridges but it is not advisable. Once on the ground, you will be in the middle of a never-ending battle. Hybrids will start spawning infinitly.
  • Lighting Artist Eric Gooch said that: "This is the level [Nottingham] that made me cry the most. It was huge. [...] here were literally thousands of objects, and when the whole area was loaded I got about 1 fps in the editor."[1]

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