The New American Republic was a quasi government formed by Judge George Ramsey, the leader of Tunnel-Through in Oklahoma. The so-called New American Republic was created to succeed the United States government after the Chimera devastated America in 1953. The N.A.R. was purposely modeled by Ramsey to be authoritarian with himself as a dictator and with the goal of annexing the human remnants of the U.S. to form a more effective resistance against the Chimera. Ramsey drove his agenda in trying to remove the remnants of the U.S. government, in which he led his forces in attacking the current government in the Ozark National Forest and ransacking a large cache of Hale vaccine to be distribute to the nearby human settlements as an incentive to gain their alliance into the N.A.R.

The N.A.R. later waged into battle against an alliance of human settlements led by the nearby town of Haven and members of the U.S. government, in which the former succeeded in repelling the alliance. The N.A.R. planned to assault Haven but came under an overwhelming attack by the Chimera, who were deliberately lured to Tunnel-Through by Joseph Capelli. Ramsey and his loyal followers saw to making a desperate escape on a train but only to be derailed by Capelli, whom then personally killing Ramsey, thus ending the N.A.R.[1]


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